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Limited Mobility does not restrict anyone in our unit.

All facilities meet the requirements for Accessibility by disabled people

  • Adjustable beds and ergonomic furniture
  • Accessible WCs: Slip resistant flooring, handrails, adjustable support rods, spin showers, adjustable ergonomic toilet seats, portable toilet seats, specially designed washbasins and spacious places to move in comfort
  • Body washing bed with drainage system
  • Electric lifting machine
  • Indoor swimming pools with special equipment/lifting machines
  • Manual or electric wheelchairs
  • Parking for disabled people close to the entrance
  • Accessible entrances, with ramps with a slope of 5% and free width of 1.20m
  • Wide doors that open outwards
  • Our indoor and outdoor common areas, “Faris” activity room, “Elaia” restaurant, exercise areas, fitness center, in door Jacuzzi pools, rest rooms and all corridors have plenty of space for easy transfers and wheel chair accessibility.

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