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Our unit provides a variety of indoor & outdoor activities and educational programs our guests can be engaged in.  The physical, mental, and spiritual health of our guests, as well as their entertainment, remains the main priority for our specialized staff.

    • Excursions tours in ancient & historical monuments (Ancient Olympia, Dyros Caves, Sparta, Mystras, Ancient Messini)
    • Daily tours in the nearby mountains, sea, open market, shopping center of Kalamata
    • Daily Exercise - walking activities
    • Play room for board games-puzzle-chess, memory games & crosswords
    • Painting & crafts
    • Projection of classical movies & documentaries, football games onto a common plasma tv or giant  screens
    • Giant yard chess
    • Gardening, floricultural and environmental activities in our privately owned 25,000 sq.m land
    • Workshops for local cook recipes, based on the products of Messinian land (olive oil, honey of Taygetos, oregano, raisins, pasta, sfela etc)
    • Programs of mild fitness and muscle training, specially designed for 3rd age seniors
    • Weekly participation in folklore dance classes
    • Skype Web-link available for audiovisual contact with the relatives and friends of each guest
    • Workshops for Soap production and natural recipes for body care
    We never stop inspiring new ideas for our guests… Our weekly program of activities is constantly changing and new proposals are very often at your disposal…

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