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Cozy & Luxurious Rooms

Our unit possesses 4 single and 25 double rooms, luxurious & cozy, with spectacular views of the ancient Castle and the Messinian Gulf.

Medical Support
Nursing Care

Our knowledgeable medical and nursing staff offer their services with consistency, care and great sensitivity to each guest’s needs.


Papadopoulion offers its guests a variety of basic services to improve their physical, mental and spiritual health.

Hotel Standards

Papadopoulion is a modern unit which offers assisted living facilities with 5star hotel comforts and services providing its guests with pleasant and cozy accommodations.

Wheelchair Accessibility
Accommodation of disabled people

All the unit facilities meet all the requirements for accessibility, safe and comfortable stay for people with mobility problems.

Wellness Therapies

Our guests can benefit from our specialized empowerment, relaxation, antistress programs as well as wellness and beauty treatments.

As members of a healthy and active 3rd Age community, our guests can socialize and participate in a variety of environmental, recreational and cultural activities.


I would like to thank all of you for your impeccable, humane and perfect treatment towards all of us. Our stay in your residential home was one of our best experiences! We would like to thank everyone for making us feel at home.
We wish you all good health!!!

Alexandra, Eleni & Sophia Bouloukou

Papadopoulion is a brand new hospitality area for the elderly in Kalamata, on a very nice slope overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Its benefits are not fully captured in the photographs. Thanks for the excellent hospitality you provided to my father. It feels like vacationing in a good hotel. And it is not far from reality. Lots of credit goes to the nursing staff at every shift who rushed to deal promptly with whatever situation arose. Close medical attention relieves relatives of any bad thoughts. Papadopoulion is the best any child can offer to his parent, even for a short period of time.

Panagiotis S.

Beauty, Courage, Hope, Companionship, Pain, Selection ... all in Contact. That in my soul smells of Love.

Kathy L

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