Wellness therapies

Wellness therapies

Medical Treatments / Wellness Therapies

Step into a world of wellness, healing, treatment and relaxation.
Find balance, regain your health and recover from a number of ailments with the help of our formulated medical treatments, especially designed for senior citizens. Start with a powerful prevention and rejuvenation program which includes a medical check up, medical advice, nutritional recommendations and therapies especially designed for those over 60! Our doctors, physical therapists and nutritionists are at your disposal to guide you towards the most effective rejuvenation and recovery program for your needs which will improve your immune system, encourage your psychosomatic balance and energize you.


Hydor (water in ancient Greek) is known for its rejuvenating and therapeutic strength. Exercising in water can help the body in several ways, including strength, resistance, speed, coordination, balance and agility. It has also been shown to reduce stress levels and help delay the aging process. People of any age and fitness level can undertake water therapy, thanks to the buoyancy effect which facilitates movement and is gentle on the joints, reducing the risk of injury. Let our experienced physiotherapists lead you to pain relief and good health through this superb curative therapy.
Hydromassage in a jacuzzi. It combines 149 different programs, combining hydromassage for the whole body with music therapy, color therapy, aromatherapy and reflexology embracing the entire body and helping in the achievement of total balance of mind and body. It also boosts the activation of the chakras.

Pool treatments

Training into the water is an excellent choice for the needs of people in the third age category, because the strain of the vulnerable joints and the tired muscles is at a minimum. Because of the buoyancy. the movements of the limbs and the spine become easier, with gentle handling and safety (by the use of lifters and always under supervision). Moreover, in the cool water, the blood circulates in the body at a much greater pace so that it maintains a steady body temperature which results in the improvement of the cardiopulmonary system.
Our unit provides two indoor fitness pools with an integrated water bike and water treadmill. It is an ideal way for mild exercise and therapy to deal with problems with joints and muscle pain.
The swimming pools are also suitable for Aqua Aerobics, Aqua Gym and Hydro kinesis treatments. It is an ideal way of strengthening for those who have knee problems and backaches.

Wellness – Beauty treatments

Good health depends on a good mood which in turn is directly influenced by a good appearance. Therefore, we provide a specially designed room for seniors who respect themselves and they always want to feel and look beautiful.
Into our unit, we provide our guests with the following services to enjoy: hairdressers, manicure, pedicure, waxing.

Wellness – Massage therapies

Studies have shown that thirty minutes of massage stimulates the secretion of endorphins in the blood, representing a ‘natural drug’ in the body which bring about happiness and relaxation. Tense muscles, aching joints, bad posture and anxiety can all be treated through quality massages.
Let our experts work on your body and feel the difference.


Our physiotherapist offers his expertise services under the guidance of our medical team. In our fully equipped physiotherapy room with the latest technology means we provide:

  • Electrotherapy
    By the use of various types of electricity, it is a method that combats physical pains (muscular, arthritic)
  • Ultrasounds
    Therapeutic Sound Waves, which stimulate the blood circulation and regulate metabolism.
  • Inhalation therapy
    it is an ideal method for lung cleaning and helps smokers to address the negative consequences of smoking.
  • Kinesiotherapy
    Suitable for seniors who have mobility difficulties.
    Our physiotherapist uses suitable methods to stimulate the muscular system. These methods are: kneading, friction, pressure and impact.
  • Physio with instruments
    Μagnetotherapy, ultrasounds therapy, electrical nerve stimulation are some of the methods which mobilize vulnerable joints and soothe the pain.

Natural Nutrition therapies

Our natural nutrition therapies are tailored to meet each guest’s unique health needs and goals.
They are inspired by the healthy Peloponnesian diet and its unique food products which in combination with mild exercise and outdoor activities help the body relinquish toxin build ups and re enforce a self healing process aiming to a healthier lifestyle even when you leave our center.