“Papadopoulion” is a modern care unit for the elderly and for those suffering from mobility impairments. It provides excellent living conditions, ensuring that its residents have all the facilities necessary for pleasant accommodations in an absolutely safe environment.

Our priorities are: Medical supervision, nursing care and maintenance of healthy with the aid of our qualified scientific staff as well as the provision of excellent living conditions that ensure well-being, psychological balance, the feeling of freedom, safety and a daily life full of activities.

“Papadopoulion” is situated in the beautiful seaside city of Kalamata, in an idyllic location on 25000 sq m with panoramic views of the Messinian Gulf and Taygetus mountain, while it is just 5 minutes by car from the city center.

Our Philosophy is three fold. We care about the BODY-SOUL-SPIRIT, and taking this into consideration we have created services for the needs of the sensitive people who fall in the third age category concerning their physical, spiritual and mental health.

The Vision of the owner and founder of PAPADOPOULION was to create a place that could offer excellent care and accommodation services in a high-quality environment close to nature. Working on the principal of providing happiness for its residents, he applied strict criteria for the creation of a model unit for elderly care in Greece.

Our Aim is to provide high quality services with respect to the elderly and their needs, by providing them with safety and love and by helping each individual to maintain their dignity.